Work in Progress


‘Reducing Arrogance in Public Debate’ in Virtues in the Public Sphere, ed by J Arthur, London: Routledge, 2018 [Draft. March 2018]

‘Silencing and Assertion’ for the Oxford Handbook on Assertion, edited by Sandy Goldberg. [Draft. January 2018]

‘Attitude Psychology and Virtue Epistemology: New Framework’ in Nathan Ballantyne and David Dunning (eds) Reason, Bias, and Inquiry: New Perspectives from the Crossroads of Epistemology and Psychology, Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming. [Draft February 2018]

“Intellectual Servility and Timidity” in Progress September 2017 [Draft]

“Caring for esteem and intellectual reputation: some epistemic benefits and harms” in progress. Draft (June 2016) June 2017.