Forthcoming Talks


17-20 September 2018 Talk on Feminist Epistemology for GAP @ Cologne

26-27 June 2018, tba Keynote for Contemporary Issues Across Ethics & Epistemology (Pavia, 26-27 June) FINO Graduate Conference

15 May 2018: “Shares, Likes and Retweets” – Cardiff Festival of Technology

11 May 2018 ‘Reducing Arrogance in Debate’ Public University 20 @Chapter, Cardiff

12-14 April 2018 ‘Epistemic Norms and the Second Person’, 2018 Chambers Philosophy Conference, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

6-7 April 2018- ‘Arrogant and Humble Convictions’ Talk at the workshop on Political Polarization and Epistemic Arrogance,  University of Connecticut

Recent Talks

‘Epistemic Vice and Motivation’ @ University of Reading  11 January 2018 [Powerpoint]

‘Reducing Arrogance in Public Debate’ Virtues in the Public Sphere, Oriel College Oxford, 4-6 January 2018. For a copy of the text visit  Conference pages  [powerpoint]

‘Intellectual Servility, Timidity and the Psychology of Oppression’ New Directions in Social Epistemology speaker series, Glasgow University (9 November 2017) [Powerpoint]

“Vicious Attitudes” – Arrogance and Polarization in Debate – Cardiff 6-7 November 2017 [Powerpoint]

“Intellectual Servility and the Psychology of Oppression” Epistemic Vice and Corruption Workshop, University of Nottingham 12-13 September 2017.[Powerpoint]


“Intellectual arrogance and vanity in debate and testimony” SUMMER SCHOOL ON MATHEMATICAL PHILOSOPHY FOR FEMALE STUDENTS 2017 MCMP, LMU Munich 1-5 August 2017. Website[Powerpoint]

 “Virtues and Vices of Thinking Fast and Slow” Underlying Thought, Cardiff 29-30 June 2017.[powerpoint] [handout]

“Caring for esteem and intellectual reputation: some epistemic benefits and harms” Keynote address at Don’t know, don’t care 6th WFAP Graduate Conference June 6–8, 2017 at the University of Vienna, Austria Webpage. [Powerpoint][draft. June 2017]

“Eloquent Silences: Silence, Silencing and Dissent”, Voicing Dissent Workshop, University of Connecticut 15-17 May 2017. (Powerpoint too rough to share. Will post a draft under work in progress when ready)

Collective Amnesia and Epistemic Injustice” Keynote address to 2017 SPA PGR Conference, Exeter 9-10 May 2017. (The Link is to the powerpoint)

Intellectual Timidity and Servility” Invited Symposium on Epistemic Vice PACIFIC APA 2017 (Seattle, WA. 12-15 April 2017). (The link is to the Handout)

Intellectual Arrogance and Professional Vices”, Professional Vices in Modern Medicine, University of Warwick, 2 February 2017.

“The Mismeasure of the Self: intellectual arrogance and other intellectual vices of self-evaluation”, Series of Distinguished Lectures, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University, 18 January 2017.

“The impact of intellectual arrogance and servility on trust and self-trust”, Workshop on the Dimensions of Trust, University of Innsbruck, 15-16 December 2016.

“Arrogance and self-abasement as failures of intellectual autonomy” Epistemic Vices Workshop, Cardiff University 3 October 2016.

“‘Vices and Attitudes: A new Framework” , Aretai Center 1st Annual Conference Connecting Virtues.  Theoretical and Educational Insights (Genoa, Italy) 27-30 September 2016.

Keynote Symposium on Intellectual Arrogance: Calm Down, Dear: Intellectual Arrogance, Silencing and Ignorance’, Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association (Cardiff, 8-10 July 2016).

Roundtable contribution to Reparative Practices: Reading, Living, Loving (Interdisciplinary workshop, Cardiff, 20 June 2016)

“Intellectual Virtues and Vices of Epistemic Self-Evaluation (The psychology of a virtue and some vices of epistemic self-evaluation” NYC Epistemology/Psychology Conference (4-5 June 2016 at Fordham University, New York, USA)

“Intellectual Arrogance and Vanity and other related vices of epistemic self-evaluation”, Public Discourse Seminar, Humanities Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT USA, 2 June 2016.

“Epistemic Injustice and Collective Amnesia”, University College Dublin, 25 February 2016.

‘The Epistemic Injustice of “Collective Amnesia”’ Post-Kantian Philosophy Seminars, University of Oxford, 26 January 2016

‘Active Ignorance’ –Cardiff University- Philosophy research seminars (9 December 2015).

‘Must we be either ignorant or biased?: A solution to Gendler’s dilemma’, Ways of Knowing: 4th Annual Conference of the Society for Women in Philosophy – Dublin, Ireland 27-28 November 2015.

‘The Epistemic Injustice of “Collective Amnesia”’ International Conference: Socially Extended Knowledge, 8-9 October 2015, Edinburgh, 2015 (Invited Plenary speaker)

Intellectual Arrogance, Silencing and Ignorance’, (Keynote presentation, International Conference on Epistemic vices, St John’s College, Durham, 2-3 September 2015).

‘I vantaggi della parzialità’ Seminario “Oggettività e disaccordo: scienza, politica, epistemologia” – Milano, Italy 15 May 2015

‘Humility, Ignorance and Arrogance’ (Eidyn Workshop on Humility and Education, Edinburgh, 5 May 2015).

‘Intellectual Humility and Its Vices’ (International Conference on Intellectual Humility, Ahmolean Museum, Oxford, 25 April 2015).

‘Must we be either ignorant or biased?: A solution to Gendler’s dilemma’, Edinburgh Women in Philosophy Group, Spring 2015 Workshop on Ignorance and Underrepresentation (Edinburgh 10-11 March 2015).