Epistemic Vice and Motivation

I have written a defence of the view that epistemic vice involves a motivational component which is akin to a willful turning away from the epistemic good. You Can find it here: Tanesini_Epistemic Vice and Motivation_final


Intellectual Servility and Timidity

Among the harms of oppression is it ability to foster damaging character dispositions in those who are oppressed. In this paper I explore two of these dispositions: servility which is manifested in attempts to ingratiate those who humiliate one and timidity which is expressed by repeated self-silencing in response to intimidation. Here is my current [draft; Sept 2017].

Is caring about your reputation always a symptom of vanity?

My paper “Caring for Esteem” is having its first outing as a keynote for the “Don’t know, don’t care: 6th WFAP Graduate Conference”. University of Vienna on June 7th 2017. Continue reading “Is caring about your reputation always a symptom of vanity?”

Epistemic Vices Workshop: Cardiff 3 October 2016

Epistemic Vice Workshop

3th October 2016

Room 1.26 John Percival Building, Cardiff University

09:00-09:30- Arrival

09:30-11:00 Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff University): Arrogance and Self-abasement: Two vices of intellectual self-governance

11:15-12:45 Charlie Crerar (University of Sheffield): Vice psychology: Motivational approaches to intellectual vice’

14:15-15:45 Ian James Kidd (Nottingham University) ‘A Deep Conception of Epistemic Vice’

15:45-16:00 Break

16:00-17:30 Bob Roberts (Baylor University) “Vicious Epistemic Pride”.

Attendance is free but please notify me at Tanesini@cardiff.ac.uk in advance as spaces are limited.