Epistemic Vice and Motivation

I have written a defence of the view that epistemic vice involves a motivational component which is akin to a willful turning away from the epistemic good. You Can find it here: Tanesini_Epistemic Vice and Motivation_final


Arrogant Pride and Alternative Facts

“Pride…is a very common failing” (Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice). What Austen calls “pride” is these days better described as arrogant pride to distinguish it from the rightful pride of those opposing discrimination on the basis of race, gender or sexual orientation.

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Voicing Dissent Workshop May 2017

Some silences are communicative acts, or so I argue in my paper ‘Eloquent Silence’ which I look forward to delivering at the Voicing Dissent Workshop organised by Casey Johnson and about to take place at the University of Connecticut. The draft is too rough to post but I will post the slides under talks in the next few days. Look forward to the event! Thank you Casey for organising it.